Farewell – It is time to shutdown

I started this site over 10 years ago to help promote nudist lifestyle. It was originally called Nudist Ken and I changed it Naturist Ken after receiving so many people thinking it was a sex site. Still so many people in this world do not understand what a Nudist is.

With my current situation I can no longer drive, and it has been years since I could visit or attend nudist events. So, I am back to being a home nudist like I was before. It does suck, but that is how life is. Just being home and not able to socialize with other Nudists I feel really discounted to the lifestyle.

I am going to close this site down in the next month and this will be the last post. Going to keep my Twitter account open for now, if you still want to follow me @naturistKen. I will be adding a nudist section to my personal website and will post that on Twitter when done.

I wish you all well and stay nude my friends.


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