“It’s important to feel completely free, entirely yourself, on your wedding day. It’s all about you and the person you love.

The same goes for your engagement. It should be tailored to you, so it feels special, personal.

So naturally, a couple bonded by their love for nudism would get engaged completely naked, while on stage in front of 400 strangers. Why not?

Nigel Seymour, 57, popped the question to Rachel Allen, 28, while both we naked and on stage at a British Naturism weekend in Staffordshire.

The couple had only been dating for six months, having met at a retreat and bonded while playing naked table tennis.

It was a whirlwind romance, helped in no small part by their enjoyment of being without clothing.

Rachel grew up around naturism, so it’s always felt normal to her. For Nigel, however, it took him until he was 40 to start shedding his clothes, in a move to tackle his issues around body image.

‘I’d been bullied throughout school, because of my weight, and eventually got to the point where I thought, “If I don’t do something now, I never will”,’ explains Nigel.” – From Metro News

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