Real Naturists – Donna Price

Donna and John Price

In this first post of “Real Naturists” I want to introduce Donna Price – Women in Naturism (WiN) Coordinator for British Naturism. Like myself Donna started enjoying the nudist lifestyle later in life and her husband John never felt comfortable wearing clothes.

In the December 2019 issue of H&E Donna talks about when she and her husband tried being clothes free for the first time. I had the same feeling when I first tried it outside of the home.  
John and I stumbled upon a Naturist beach in New Zealand in 2010. The beach was almost deserted so, we decided to strip off and give it a try. We both really enjoyed the freedom and the fantastic feeling of swimming naked. It has been remarked upon many times before, swimsuits serve no useful purpose, they don’t keep you warm or dry! The feeling of the fresh air, water and sun on every part of your skin is undeniably soothing.  

After trying a nude beach again a few years later in life, they realized they had to do more of the nudist lifestyle. They joined the British Naturism an embraced the lifestyle. Now they have a fantastic circle of Naturist friends with whom they socialize with. Finding out that when you socialize with other nude people there is nothing to hide. That is why I always say, Naturist are open and honest group of people.

Donna and John Price

Now Donna is the Women in Naturism Coordinator for BN and passionate about encouraging more women to give Naturism a try. From the same H&E article she has words of encouragement to try Naturism. I must say, very well said.
“To enjoy the benefits of increased body confidence and freedom. The first time I took part in social nudity, I found it so compellingly liberating, that I was impatient to repeat the experience. Stripping away your clothing is a great leveler, there are no longer any judgmental views based around the latest fashions or designer labels and whether one style suits you better than another…..Natures’ own design suits us all! We women all have the same bits and pieces, they may all look different whilst still looking the same, but they are all perfectly normal. Social media has a lot to answer for in creating an image that we sometimes feel we should aspire to but is perhaps not always natural. I have always suffered with shyness, but finding Naturism has brought a new level of confidence I never realized I was capable of…it has really changed my perception of myself – I now feel more ‘at home’ naked than I do clothed. Naturism is all about respect – respect for others and self-respect. We have to love and respect ourselves, be happy and comfortable with who we are….then others will reciprocate”

For more information on Donna’s campaign Please visit Also, be sure to follow her on twitter

Thanks Donna and keep up the work!



  1. A beautiful and inspirational article.
    Thank you, Donna. #NormalizingNaturism ??❤️❤️

    Jan&Gary ❤️❤️


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