In the second instalment of “Real Naturist” we are introduced to Nick Wright. You can follow Nick and his wife Hannah on Twitter as Twonaturistsonaboat, and their adventures sailing in their restored 1972 sailboat.

Real Naturists – Nick Wright

Real Naturists - Nick Wright

I was born in 1961 in Oxford, the third of four children. I am married to Hannah, my second wife, and have three daughters.

I have done a few different things in life but the last proper job I had was as a solicitor, which I did for twenty years.  I was head of litigation in a medium sized southern England law firm doing all sorts of esoteric stuff from land law to cross border litigation and much in between.

Prior to becoming a solicitor, I taught English and Environmental Sciences in a French University and prior to that I worked for an international newspaper and consultancy.

Real Naturists - Nick Wright
Real Naturists – Nick Wright

Three years ago, my wife (Hannah) and I decided we would take a break from the law (Hannah was a lawyer too) and do something completely different.  So we bought an old sailing boat, built in 1972, which had not put to sea for ten years, did her up, installed lots of new equipment and then sailed her across the Atlantic Ocean.  It took us 33 days to get across to Antigua, which was quite a trip, including a surreal four days right in the middle when we were completely becalmed 1200 miles from the nearest land with 6000 metres of water underneath us and not a ripple to trouble the glassy sea.

Because of the pandemic, and the difficulty crossing borders, we’ve had to leave the boat on the island of Grenada and come back to the UK, at least for the time being. Hannah and I are both writing books (it’s a competition, obviously..) so that is what our time is taken up with at present.

I was 12 or 13 when I first became a naturist.  My Christian parents, for whom the naked body was, at best, to be ashamed of and, at worst, seriously sinful, were also very academic and thought it would be a good idea to send us children to various European families to learn foreign languages. I was sent to a German family on the little island of Fohr, which sits in the North Sea close to the Danish border. 

The German parents (who were in some way related to one of our former au pair girls) were both artists and ran, much like my parents but in one very different way, an open house with people staying from all over Europe.  It was very bohemian and, to me, a complete revelation because neither they nor their children or other guests wore much in the way of clothing.  To them nakedness seemed to be completely unremarkable and normal.  No one mentioned it, it simply wasn’t a thing.  It probably took me a couple of days to shed my clothes (I can’t remember precisely when) but when I did it was a life changer and I have been a naturist ever since.  Of course, I didn’t mention anything to my parents, who would have been horrified, and, over the years, my German became pretty good.

I think the main reason I’m attracted to naturism is the openness and the freedom it brings.  People hide behind clothing; even skimpy swimming costumes send a message and provide a mask.  Shared nakedness, on the other hand, sends a message of friendship, honesty and trust. The kind of person who is sufficiently open and liberated to share their nakedness with me, which society has deemed their most intimate state, is the open kind of person I want to spend time getting to know.

Real Naturists - Nick Wright
Real Naturists – Nick Wright

Of course, there is also the small matter of swimming costumes being absurd.  Who wants to spend the day with damp bits of cloth sticking to your body? They are uncomfortable, they require washing and changing into them is an embarrassment for you and comedy for everyone else.

In terms of telling others about naturism, I am not evangelical but I am quite honest when the subject comes up.  When people visit us we swim naked and go to naturist beaches and they can join us or keep their clothes on as they wish.  I am not a militant naturist, not at all, I just want everyone to have the choice to wear clothes or not.  I don’t mind sharing the beach with textiles (I hate that tag), but I want a world where they don’t mind me either.

As for my favourite places, there are so many it would be really hard to single anywhere out.  I think my favourite place is anywhere where I’m just allowed to be me and, fortunately, there seem to be quite a few of those places around.


  1. Great article. Enjoyed reading it. Admire the adventures of Nick and Hannah. Coincidently, Nick and I were born in the same year and Naturist Ken was one of the first naturist accounts I started to follow when I began my own naturist journey. Keep up the good work.


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